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JSS and RJ Walker team up for the Super Bowl

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, John Stack Sales Co. teamed up with RJ Walker to host a contest. The contest allowed anyone who purchased a National VAC boiler within the month to be entered into a raffle to win a 58" Flat Screen TV.

The winner of the raffle was CW Schultz & Sons, Inc. On February 5th, they did an internal raffle, for one of their employees to walk home with the 58" Roku.

Left: Ed Wilson, President CW Schultz

Middle: Gary Stack, President John Stack Sales


Drumroll, please......... WE HAVE A WINNER

CW Schutlz & Sons put all of their employees names into a raffle, and Brian Sharkey was chosen! Congrats Brian! We hope you enjoyed the big game on your new tv.

We would also like to thank National HVAC and RJ Walker for working together with us on this fantastic promotion. Keep an eye out for the next raffle winner, chosen right in time for March Madness!

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