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The Blue Monster just got a face lift!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Our beloved Mill-Rose Blue Monster is bigger and badder than ever. Just when you thought you had everything you need to get the job done, Mill-Rose is right back at you with another 'must-have'!

Their newest release, the Monster Wipes are (blue, of course) industrial drying towels, meant for any industrial project you can think of. The new wipes are perfect for this COVID-19 era we're in, because they're disposable, but don't worry you can use them more than once! Put their absorbance to the test!

These Monster Wipes pack a 550% punch with their absorbency test. Clean dirt, oil, grime, solvents, or water, you name it! The Monster Wipes are perfect for you.

The Mill-Rose Blue Monster

Want more details? Check out the spec sheet below.

Order yours today by contacting your local John Stack Sales representative!

220 ct. per pack. Towels are 9" X 12".

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