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Who remembers the planking trend?

Well, taking a line from Dwight Schrute's book. Don't try planking. It's dangerous. Instead try floor standing!

Or, ignore all of the bad millennial puns, and check out the Laars Floor Standing Boiler. With an Ultra-high 95% efficiency rating, this floor standing boiler or combination boiler and water heater have it all. Packed with all of the benefits that the Laars name carries, like the industry-leading 6 gallon first minute domestic hot water delivery, this boiler is new to the brand, and quite the addition at that!

So, what's so great about the new Floor Standing Boiler?

For starters, it has a built-in Primary/Secondary piping via an internal low loss header. This allows the low-loss header to hydraulically separate the boiler loop from a home's heating loop. In addition, the boiler features a 10:1 Turndown, so the model seamlessly modulates from 100% to 10% during heat demand, with full input during domestic

demand. So- Not only is it high efficiency. but

also it's environmentally friendly, and who doesn't like trees, right??

If you are removing a cast iron boiler, no need to play around with fittings! This model fits perfectly where the cast iron boiler would have been. Another great perk!

Next up on the list of reasons why you should consider the Laars floor standing boiler: In an age where materials are hard to come by, Laars made installation easy by allowing multiple venting options. PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, and Stainless Steel vents are able to be installed with the Laars Floor Standing Boiler.

Well, while planking isn't coming back anytime soon, the new trend is Floor Standing. Stay up with the times, with John Stack Sales Company, and join in on the floor standing trend, coming summer of 2021.

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