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Refco or Best Co?

...and by Best Co we mean the best small application condensate pump.

The Gobi II condensate pump from Refco has it all, including a massive flow range from

6,000 Btu/H to 120,000 Btu/H. Perfect for small applications, the digital water sensor, universal voltage, and user configurable flow allows for the strongest BUT quietest under A/V mount condensate

pump out there.

Just a few key features of the small but mighty Gobi II:

  • Quiet Mode - 20dB

  • Digital Sensor- unique water level sensor with no moving parts (so it won't get stuck!)

  • Diagnostic LED lights- this ensures correct installation

  • Universal Application- Refco has the widest application range on the market!

  • Warranty Benefits

  • Powerful operation- Up to 11GPH

Check out this video to learn more about it.

Don't forget to contact your local John Stack Sales Co., representative today, to learn more!

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