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Take Conditioner out of your Shower Routine

How many times have you had a product, that over promises and under delivers? Maybe you have to continually maintain it, or maybe you have to continually replace it. Well, with the Zilmet ActivFlo, you'll truly install it and walk away.

The Zilmet Activflo Water Conditioner is another revolutionary product made without the upkeep of salting, brining, or worrying. A simple installation will leave your water in perfect condition. Install this product on the main cold water inlets, before any water outlets, to enjoy the maintenance free product.

The Activflo doesn't use magnets, chemicals, or electricity, but it protects your whole house! The coils inside of the Activflo are used to cause a reaction of the limescale minerals, so they are not able to settle in any other surfaces. Avoid limescale buildup altogether with Activflo.

Check out the video below to see the Activflo in action, and learn just how revolutionary this Zilmet product it.

Or check out this information document below.

As always for more information on purchasing your very own Activflo, contact your local John Stack Sales representative by visiting "Our Team" page!

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