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So, you think you don't need a ZEP-1?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Here's why you do.

The Zilmet ZEP-1 is a revolutionary product. This small but mighty stainless steel expansion tank relieves air pressure found in the piping system from a domestic instantaneous water heater or combi-boiler. This small domestic water expansion vessel relieves pressure, built up through the expansion that is created in heating the domestic water from 50 degrees to 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). By eliminating or buffering this expansion pressure, the components of the combi-boiler & instantaneous water heater will have a longer life.

See for yourself what the ZEP-1 is capable of in the video below.


ZEP-1 can be installed below the isolation kit or anywhere on the cold water supply line between the heater and the check valve, for maximum results.

The ZEP-1 is so small that it can be mounted under any, 3 gallon or less, combi-boiler, in any position. Upright, sideways, upside down, you name it!

How do I order?

For more information on purchasing this revolutionary product, contact one of our representatives, by visiting Our Team, from John Stack Sales Company today.

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