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Do kids these days still say Rad?

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We're not totally sure if they do, but we sure do! Specifically when talking about the Beacon Morris Panel Rads, or Panel Radiators, if I'm being specific. The "raddest" (is that a word?) in the industry, which obviously means the best... Beacon Morris Panel Radiators are a "must have" in your new spring renovations this year. For all of those ~trendy~ renovators, Beacon Morris ALSO has towel warmers, because who doesn't like feeling like they're in a 5 star spa, in their own home?

The Panel Radiator by Beacon Morris blends beautifully into the wall. The sleek and chic design is the best upgrade in the industry. Say goodbye to the outdated radiator units, and hello to the Beacon Morris Panel Rad.

For Specifications on the unit, check out the link below:

Beacon Morris knows just how great their product is too, and to prove this, they offer a 10 year warranty on all panel radiators!

The panel radiator and towel warmer units go hand in hand. The new towel warmer uses a sophisticated design, while taking up virtually no space! This towel warming unit is also so reliable, that Beacon Morris offered their 10 year warranty on this product, as well.

Beginning the renovation of your dreams is just a few clicks away, and John Stack Sales can help you make that dream come true. Call your local JSS representative today, to find out where to purchase the Beacon Morris Panel Rad and Towel Warmer.

Becoming ~trendy~ is just a phone call away, and that's pretty 'rad'.

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