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The Biggest Flex of them All.

You know that guy that goes to the gym just to show off? You know!! The one standing in front of the mirror flexing the whole time. Now, normally you would avoid a guy like this, but this time, be more like that guy. The flex master if you will.

In an age of product shortage after product shortage, Z Flex has you covered. For when you can't get a standard grade flex duct, upgrade to the Z Flex Flexmaster HVAC Systems! The best in the industry, and the fastest turn around time too.

The Flexmaster HVAC Systems use steel lined and reinforced systems to ensure nothing will collapse, lose velocity, or give out over time. There truly is no better time to flex on them haters, than now. Besides, the biggest flex of them all is having the best of the best right? Well the Flexmaster IS the best of the best.

With a short lead time, Z Flex can help you to make the switch and upgrade in a timely fashion. No need to wait on lower quality flex ducts any more. All of the Flexmaster lines are ULC as Class 1 approved, even better! EPDM factory installed gaskets are ozone and UV resistant and withstand normal operating temperatures from -40°F to 250°F (-40°C to +120°C). BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE: No field applied sealants are required for the Flexmaster systems.

Contact your local John Stack Sales rep to get "swoll" today. Not sure who your rep is? Visit the Our Team page to find out.

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