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*Vampire voice* Zon't look any further, Z Dens has za venting

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

All ze way from Transylvania, or New Hampshire, close enough, Z Flex brings another revolutionary polypropylene product to market. Z-DENS by Z-Flex, is the best choice for condensing appliance venting. The Z-DENS venting system is made for high efficiency condensing appliances, using a single wall rigid, flexible liner, in single pipe, concentric and cascade systems.

So why should you go with the Z-DENS polypropylene system, instead of a conventional PVC piping? For starters, in these winter months, you can install Z-DENS without worrying about splitting or cracking in cold weather, like Schedule 40 PVC would. In addition to its HVAC and Heating corrosive resistant and higher-use temperature properties, polypropylene is resistant to high impact shattering in cold weather installations. Polypropylene also has a higher maximum flue gas temperature limit (230°F) as compared to PVC (149°F) & CPVC (194°F).

Do you care about the environment? Z-DENS polypropylene certainly does! Polypropylene is easily 100% recyclable where PVC & CPVC is not due to its chemical composition and various additives. On installations monitoring LEED points, polypropylene scrap carries zero LEED points, as opposed to PVC products.

As you may already know, Schedule 40 PVC pipe is not warranted by ANY manufacturer to be used on heating and HVAC appliances, due to its low melting point. Z-Flex took this into account when creating the Z-DENS venting system, as they ensure their polypropylene system is specifically made for all condensing HVAC and Heating appliances.

Did you say easy installation??? I know we did! Z-DENS does not require any glue, screws, or harsh chemicals to join the pipes. This makes Z-Flex's venting system safer, cleaner, and easier to install, causing less labor on your next condensing boiler, water heater, or furnace installation.

Check out the Z-DENS installation video guide below for installations using existing chimneys, or chaseways:

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Zat iz all for now-

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